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1) Do you have a credit report with 1 score over 685 with the other scores still suffering from low credit scores?

Is your credit report 1/2 finished from credit repair; with one bureau clean, and the other two still reflecting low credit scores? The DCB List ( Direct Credit Bureau Approval List ) is designed to help you solve your problem of having 1 good credit score & getting loan or credit card approvals! *We simply give you a list of lenders and the bureau information they pull from and you use that information to get approved!

2) This is the same information so called Lenders charge people 10%-30% of "What Ever They Get You Approved For; They Keep!" *Yes we can charge you 10%, 20%, or 30% of whatever loan amount or credit approval; We Get For You; (But is that the right policy in helping those that need funding get funding)? NO!

3) Stop racking up those un-necessary inquires! Did you know the average person when applying for credit HAS NO IDEA IF THEY ARE GOING TO GET APPROVED! THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT BUREAU THE LENDER IS GOING TO PULL BEFORE THEY ACTUALLY SUBMIT THERE APPLICATION.

Ask Yourself; "How STUPID," IS THAT? That's the definition of racking up inquires, while not getting approved, thus dropping your overall score; and putting too many inquires on your report; thus dropping your attractiveness of getting loan approval!