Bank Officers Handbook of Commercial Banking Law Within The United States

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United States

Bank Officers Handbook of Commercial Banking Law Within The United States

1,300+ pages, Containing the "secret rules" to aid in the creation of MONEY OUT OF THIN AIR! The 'Bible' on related UCC Transactions. This book furnishes general information about the laws relating to commercial banking in (3) important areas. Part I discusses federal banking regulation describing general regulatory system and primary federal regulators, types of banking institutions regulated and regulatory control. Major federal legislation and principal case law are discussed to provide the reader with an understanding of the network of regulatory law that affects the activities of the commercial banks and similar depository institutions. Part II focuses specifically on payment systems and negotiable instruments. It discusses; law basic law governing, checks, drafts, notes, letters of credit, and other types of commercial paper and the Uniform Commercial Code provisions bearing on these subjects and describes the interrelationship of these UCC rules with banks, other state and federal laws. Part III covers the general rules applicable to secured lending transactions involving personal property security; the basic rules provided by Article 9 of the UCC on the creation of a security interest, priorities among creditors, and enforcement of a security interest. Many people are destroyed for lack of knowledge and since knowledge is power one then cannot be destroyed especially by the bankers!